Jimmy Butler Biography, Family, Life story and team 2022

Jimmy Butler Biography

Jimmy Butler is one of those player who played at their strength for the NBA. Jimmy Butler is one of the American represented basketball player who born on the September 14, 1989. The NBA team for which Jimmy Butler play for is Chicago Bulls. In his college he played for the Tyler Junior College later on he was given the opportunity to go to Marquette University. Jimmy Butler is the NBA player who was given the Nickname which is “Jimmy Buckets”. In the year of 2015, Jimmy Butler was announced as the most improved player of the NBA. He was picked by the Miami Heat from overall 30th pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

Jimmy Butler Biography, Family, Life story and team 2022

Jimmy Butler Age

Jimmy Butler is about 32 years old. Jimmy Butler is most experienced player of the NBA. Jimmy Butler who has the knowledge more than any other player. Jimmy Butler has also taught the most player in his lifetime career. Jimmy Butler has earned so much respect and honor the court. Jimmy Butler best thing that he has improved his game by learning from his mistake over the time. Jimmy Butler has made the many friends in the NBA when he started playing.

Jimmy Butler Weight and Height

Jimmy Butler has the weight of 104 kg and it because obvious because of his height 2.01 m. Jimmy Butler because of his height and weight has the amazing blocking ability which is quite handy in the defensive. Jimmy Butler has achieved so many awards for his height only. Jimmy Butler has the best understanding of ball handling during the game. Jimmy Butler because of his Small forward position has the biggest advantage during the game to avoid the mistake.

Jimmy Butler Net Worth

Jimmy Butler has the Net Worth of $25 million dollar. Jimmy Butler because of his effort and hard work has earned nicely and quite good.

Jimmy Butler Family

Jimmy Butler Mother is Londa Butler. She is nice and kind mother who helped her child in growing and play basketball in his life. Jimmy Butler abandon him when he was just a new born. Jimmy Butler has the beautiful daughter her name is Rylee Butler. Jimmy Butler most of his life spent with his mother. Jimmy Butler only have seen her mother his family.

Jimmy Butler Teams

Jimmy butler has been traded with four teams by the time he played. From 2011 to 2107 he played for Chicago Bulls. After that 2017 to 2018 he played for the Minnesota Timberwolves. From 2018 to 2019 he played for Philadelphia 76ers. From 2019 to onwards he played for the Miami Heat.


Jimmy Butler over the time have seen so much in his career. Jimmy Butler has collected so many memories in his life which are the true treasure of the common person. Jimmy butler and every Person in this world should have memories because many things change but memories live forever in this world. Memories are the basic source of understanding and learning in this world.

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